Friday, April 30, 2010

Davis Started Swimming Lessons This week

This past Tuesday Davis started swimming lessons. He was so excited to show the teacher he already knows how to swim because his Oma taught him. Yep, that is exactly why he's getting swimming lessons- because he thinks he can and he can't! It was very cute how he kept looking back at me and Vince to make sure we were watching. His next lesson is tomorrow and put simply- he can't wait. He also had a free lesson at Lee Brother's Tae Kwon Do ( What a great facility and it had such a positive and disciplined atmosphere as soon as we walked in. This seems like a sport that would suit Davis, and he like kicking and punching, but he has to work on the bow part. He kept wanting to bend at the neck only and not the waist. Maybe we do a trial period for a month to make sure its something he is interested in. His birthday is next Thursday and we are looking forward to his bowling birthday party.