Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's Day Gift- Photo Shoot and I couldn't be happier!

We had some photos taken by Carrie Richardson Fry who goes to our church and we were more than happy with the results.  Check out her website when you get some time!  We had fun, and am so happy to get some shots of the pair together!  They don't cooperate for me and Hanna still gave her a run for her money.  Her cute smirks are quick!  Davis is willing to do any pose, he is our ham.  Thanks, Carrie for a fun event and great photos.

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Garden- all complete

The three weekend project is finally complete.  Let me just tell you- hauling those blocks from the bed of the truck located in the front to the backyard is not my idea of fun.  I felt that was my contribution given that Vince was building the wall.  It started out crooked, so we let it sit for a weekend so we didn't get frustrated.  We tackled it again this past weekend and I have to admit, it looks good.  Vince is a weekend warrior and always impresses me.  We planted roma and german johnson tomatoes (great for tomato sandwiches, but not pretty), zucchini, squash, ichiban eggplants, okra and cucumbers.  We have pots of basil, green onions, lemon grass and thyme (I think?).  The only thing missing is cilantro.  I'll pick up some shortly...too much fresh salsa in our future not to have cilantro growing too.   Fingers crossed we can get it to produce something this summer.