Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pullen Park Play

We visited Pullen Park yesterday to check out the recent renovations and play with one of Davis' Primrose friends, Camille.  It was a beautiful day, I can't believe the weather we are having in December.  The kids had lots of fun.  Hanna fell asleep as soon as she hit the car seat.  If you know her, that is rare.  I don't think she requires sleep.

Recently, Davis has become a Clemson fan.  No idea where he got it from, but hey, we just roll with it.  He is proud of his hat.

Davis admiring the bamboo.  He still can't believe it grows in NC.  

Post about nothing...

I am sitting outside on our screened in porch in complete amazement with how nice the weather is.

I am passing the time while the kids play outside and thinking about having a little adult time tonight.  How do I prepare for a nice dinner out?  Eat only veggies the day of, so you can enjoy a great dinner without the guilt.  Okay, so I will probably still have some guilt as I enjoy a glass of wine (or two), but I tell myself its okay as long as I don't over indulge the whole day.   Veggie soup full of cabbage was on the menu today.  Zero points if you are counting (on the old WW system).  Likely a ratatouille version of vegetables tomorrow (sans potatoes).
We have reservations with friends tonight at Poole's Diner.  It's a great place to eat if you haven't tried it.  They usually don't take reservations, so I am surprised we actually got them and on short notice.  Must be a New Year's eve special event.

Have I mentioned its been a great week, being off from work?  I am blogging about soup for goodness sake!  We are marking things off the "to do" list (that have been there a while) and just taking they days as they come.  It's so rare that we do that.  The Christmas trees are still up.  I have no desire to take those down yet.

One long over due chore for some time was to give Fishy's tank a good cleaning.  That has been almost a year coming.  I am not sure he could even see in the old water.  With a little scrubbing and rinsing, Fishy was swimming with such purpose in his renovated home!   It's true what they say about Beta fish.  You can't kill them.  They are survivors- we have had him over two years and he is still kicking.  Hope all that fresh water doesn't kill him!

Thanks for your patience, Fishy.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

I decided to purchase "matching" pajamas this year for Christmas morning (as mentioned in an earlier post).  It's a tradition my mom and I have done for years.  This year, I thought- hey, what not extend it to the whole family!  It was a little tougher when you put a male and two kids in the mix but there are websites that offer family sets.  Vince was a good sport about it.  I ordered the kids a few sizes up (they had saggy bottom this year) so we could use them for a few years at least.  Here are a few pictures- don't you judge my bed head!

We had two excited children Christmas morning!  They of course got way more than they needed.  It was a wonderful Christmas and we continue to be blessed by God's grace.  I am grateful my company is closed this week and Vince was able to take the week off with us so we can have a full week together as a family.  God is good.  I hope your new year is shared with those you love, filled with joy and brings you peace.