Friday, June 3, 2011

Easter Pictures (yes, very late)

Easter Morning

Easter Egg Hunt at Oma's...let the fun begin!

The Newest Walker

Please welcome Seis Walker!  He has been with us about 6 weeks and he is a cutie!  Adding a puppy in the mix is crazy and he is everything you think a puppy would be- a lot of work, but a lot of fun.  He and Hanna are two peas in a pod despite the fact he was a gift for Davis' 6th birthday.  He chose the name- Seis (spanish for six) since he got him on his sixth birthday and his birthday is May 6th.  We love him to pieces...He was just over 6 weeks when he got him.  The first few pictures are of him a few days after he was home.

Seis at 12 weeks old- what a difference 6 weeks make.  He is literally twice his original size.