Sunday, October 17, 2010

Davis' Debut in Children's Choir & His First Loose Tooth

Davis had his first performance with the children's choir at church last Sunday.  He was on the front row and sang his little heart out.  I was so proud of him!  The Christmas program is the next performance, and that is going to take some practice.
Bottom row, second from the left

He also discovered today that he has his FIRST loose tooth!  He was on cloud nine and can't wait for the tooth fairy visit.  He has been wiggling it all day and immediately asked for an apple to eat for snack.  I have a feeling it will be out by week's end.

Happy 3rd Birthday Hanna

Happy birthday sweet girl!  Friday was Hanna's 3rd Birthday (10/15).  On Saturday we celebrated at home with close friends and family.  She had a full day and seemed to enjoy all the commotion around the house and especially loved the bounce house that we rented.  She LOVED it when we all sang happy birthday to her.  She wasn't sure what the tune was, but she knew it was just for her.  The theme of the party was cupcakes mixed with a princess twist.  I was a wonderful day and the evening ended with a Hanna first.  She pointed to the bed during our bedtime rocking routine to let me know she was ready for bed.  She usually likes to milk the rocking for as long as she can, but even with extra doses of sugar throughout the day, the jumping left her wiped out!
Jump fun with big brother and cousin Micah.  The bounce house was delivered early and they took advantage of the extra play time.  It was perfect to give me time to set up for the party.  

Her amazement at the Happy Birthday song.  It truly was touching because we have no idea how birthdays were celebrated with her if at all.  I have to believe there was some breaks my heart to think otherwise.

She wanted to be on Pop Pop's lap while opening presents, and wouldn't open another one until she was in the right position.  It was really special watching her, she also seemed a little overwhelmed with all the gifts.