Friday, August 12, 2011

Beach Photos 2011

Staycation mixed with a Vacation

Today is Friday.  The last day off "technically" before going back to work.  We have been down at my parent's condo at the beach since Wednesday.  Monday and Tuesday we stayed at home and enjoyed time together as a family.  Davis has been tracked out the past few weeks and we have enjoyed taking it easy.  Monday we completed many long overdue tasks that have been lingering on our to do list.  The biggest one was going to the Wake County Clerk of Court to complete the paperwork to request a re-adoption of Hanna.  That is a re-adoption for NC.  This is about a year late since her gotcha day was July 26th.  This is an important last step to make our process official.  This step allows us to obtain a birth certificate for her, which she will need for school.  After that, we had a date with Davis.  We realized he doesn't go to many nice restaurants when he asked us why they brought bread to the table.  I guess it's time to expose my son to some new experiences. He is getting to be a young man and is maturing so fast.

Tuesday we spent the morning canning vegetables from our garden.  We don't have a huge garden, but too much is bearing and the thought of it going bad was driving me crazy.  So what do you do with lots of tomatoes and cucumbers? Make salsa and pickles of course.  Here is a picture from our morning work. 

I often think I was meant for earlier times.  I love to do things that my grandmothers did.  They of course did it out of necessity, I do it out of fun.  I have learned a few skills from them, including sewing and crocheting.  I don't have the time to practice either skill to get close enough to perfect them, but I like to know I can do the basics.  

In the afternoon we took Davis roller skating.  What a blast!  Seeing Vince in a pair of skates- now that is just funny.  Even though it wasn't his best sport, Davis certainly gave thanks to his Dad for trying.  I know it meant the world to him to have us both there.

Hanna was in school on Monday and Tuesday, so we were able to spend some quality one on one time with Davis.  We made it a point to pick Hanna up early every day though.