Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Hanna!

Our baby turned 4 last weekend!  What a fast year, but it has been full of blessing and progress.  Hanna's English has really improved.  She is having full conversations, no longer speaking with single words to let us know what she needs.  She loves school, is fully engaged in speech therapy, sleeping better and is out of pull ups (for some time now, actually).  We are so proud of her and how she has adjusted to all the change she has experienced.  As parents we focus on keeping the family going, and probably take for granted how well she has acclimated to our family.  We celebrated her birthday at Gymcarolina this year with cupcakes (yes, her favorite).  What a good time and we thank all of our friends who came out to celebrate with us.  It was that much more special because they were there. We give glory to God and thank him every day for a healthy, happy family.

Happy Birthday, Hanna.  We love you so much!  Here are a few pre-party shots I was able to capture of her outside in her birthday outfit.  (Thanks, Oma!  It was a precious outfit.)

Here are a few shots from the party.  What kid doesn't like to jump on a trampoline, fall into a pit of foam, and roll around?
Warm up session before the fun begins...

She sure does love the Happy Birthday song and all the attention.  I could eat her up!
Happy Birthday to you...

Monday, October 17, 2011

Seis & Football

During dinner I asked Davis if he would like to go outside and throw football.  He said "yes!" but little did he know I did it to get out of playing Wii.  It's not my favorite.  Seis decided to join us and it ended up being a full on tackle game.   Me, Vince and Davis against Seis.  I wish I had a video to post of how quick and swift he was.  He would even jump to catch the ball and duck between legs with the ball in his mouth.  It ended up being lots of fun and Davis now thinks he has the best dog in the world!  Here are a few shots of them relaxing at the end of almost a full half hour of running and tackling.