Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's a small world

I joined a yahoo group for families that have adopted from Hangzhou.  There was a lady who worked with the red thread organization who emailed about having visited Hanna's orphanage in October of 2009 and subsequently in 2010.  I emailed her by chance to see if she had any photos of Hanna from her October 2009 visit.  Guess what- she did and distinctly remembered meeting Hanna.  She recalled how she wore adult shoes (heels) during the visit and sent some photos of her walking around in them!  She was so happy to know Hanna was adopted and requested an update on how she was doing.  The bonus in all the photos (and there were over 10 of them) was that her foster mother was also in them.  Any photo we can get of Hanna when she was younger is a blessing, but truly it is a small world to connect to people around the world, who knew your daughter before you did!