Monday, December 13, 2010

Busy Holiday Weekend

It was a busy weekend around the Walker household.  Friday night started with rushing from work to meet up with friends for a Disney on Ice- Toy Story 3 date night with Davis.  It has been so long since just the two of us were able to spend time together, probably since his field trip.  We went with his best buddy, Andrew and my friend Kim (Andrew's mom).  It was a great show and the boys had a blast.  He used his allowance to purchase a silver arm laser blaster during the show.  He was very proud of himself for using the money he earned and was pumped about having $6 left over.   The best part of the evening was on the drive home, I asked him what was his favorite part of the show and he said, "I like spending time with you mommy".  He has a free pass for at least a week, what a sweet thing to say and something a mom LOVES to hear.

Saturday started with Children's choir practice and errands.  Vince did a great job helping me keep the kids busy while I prepared to host a Christmas shower for our friend, Kim.  The shower was a success and she got lots of things to trim her tree!  That evening our youth group hosted a parents night out as a fundraiser, so we dropped the kids off at church and had a date night with friends.  We wrapped the evening up early because we had to be at church early on Sunday for the Christmas program.

Sunday morning, Davis and Vince were off to church by 8:00 since he was performing in the children's choir during the 8:30 and 11:00 service.  Despite being sick, he did a great job singing and his voice did an okay job hanging in there.  During the 11:00 service, we also had Hanna's baptism.  What a special day.  The photo below is of the children's choir.  Davis is on the front row, wearing the crown.  He was a wise man.

She wanted to the play in the water after the ceremony!
Giving thanks for all the blessings we are surrounded with daily- even if we are all sick and one is on antibiotics.

We are loving all the Christmas cards we are getting this year and hope to get ours out this week.