Saturday, August 7, 2010

First Night at Home

We finally left DC at around 1:15 AM on Friday and made it to Raleigh around 2:15 AM.  Davis was up and ready to see us.  It was so great to see him.  We got home and chatted a bit and let Davis and Hanna play.  They were great together, like two peas in a pod.  We finally went to sleep around 5AM this morning.  Vince was up by 10 and me, Davis and Hanna were up around 11.  We made it through the day without naps, so fingers crossed, all will sleep like babies tonight.   I have been to busy today getting unpacked, picking up and washing clothes.  Hope to post some photos of them both shortly.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Delayed in DC!

Our travel started 26 hours ago...and we aren't leaving for RDU for another 2 hours.  The good news is that Hanna slept most of the time on the flight from Beijing.  The bad news is also that she slept on the plane- which means when Vince and I are ready to crash tonight- she will be full of energy.  Oh well, we figured it would take her a bit longer to adjust than us.  Just missing home sweet home.  Davis is excited to meet Hanna, we spoke to him moments ago.

USA bound

We are checked in and awaiting boarding for UA 898 for Washington Dulles. Our fingers are crossed that Hanna has an eight hour sleep in her.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

More Pictures

Hanna's Passport and Visa in hand

All paperwork came through- finally. Now we just waste a day in GZ
and head to the airport tomorrow after breakfast. We were able to
adjust our flight from GZ to Beijing to a later time to reduce our
layover in Beijing from 7 hours to 4 hours. The journey home begins
tomorrow (Friday). Couldn't get here fast enough. I am really
homesick for Davis and our house. While we are biding time, I have
been able to get some good photos of Hanna, the scenery, and a few
locals. I will try to send a few photos to our friend to post later
today- perhaps during Hanna's nap.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

US Consulate

Yesterday (Tuesday) around 3pm was our swear in ceremony where we took
an oath to the US government in the consulate office of Guangzhou. It
was a room full of Americans who were finalizing their adoption. It
was a long bus ride (mainly due to traffic) to the office and it was
nice to meet other families and be introduced to their daughters.
There were more adopted boys that I was expecting as well. Once you
arrived, we had to go through security and then sit in a large room
until the attendants called out your child's chinese name and adoption
agency. Well guess who was in the bathroom when they called our
name? Me and Hanna of course! I felt like Christine Lahti after
being called to come and get her Golden Globe! Our guide was standing
outside the bathroom door (male) with a look of panic and said in the
best English you could imagine full of chinese accent- They called
your name!!!! So Hanna and I ran to the counter, for which once they
saw our face, said OK. Really- was that it? Vince just shook his
head as if to say, yep, "welcome to my life". I have to mention,
Hanna had a blast laughing as we both sprinted across the room, and
everyone heard us in her shoes that have squeaks in the soles of her
shoes. The rest of the time was spent waiting for the other families
to be called and then we took the oath. I have to admit, it was more
emotional than I was expecting it to be. Maybe it marked the finality
of such a long process for us. Upon entry into Dulles International
Airport on Friday, Hanna will be a US citizen and we will receive her
Certificate of Citizenship within 45 days of being home. It is with
that paperwork we can apply for her social security card, birth
certificate and US passport. It is encouraged not to travel with her
Chinese passport upon entry into the US because technically she is no
longer a Chinese citizen. Only 2 more days until we are home. It's
been an amazing experience and Hanna has been quite relaxed through it

New pictures

The past few days have been relaxing and not too stressful. We have
spent much of the time navigating Guangzhou. Our
appointment with the US consulate was Monday (2nd), but our guide went
for us to deliver the necessary paperwork. We also returned to the
clinic for the nurse to check Hanna's TB test results- all clear as
expected. Today we went to a market area where they sold everything
from turtles, to herbs, to fungi. I will try to post some pictures
from the market along with some photos of Hanna shortly. Tuesday is
our swear in ceremony at the consulate at 2:15 pm. We will be there
for approx. 2 hours. We ate at a good Thai restaurant Monday night t
and sat next to some proud grandparents who had a son and daughter in
law who just adopted. We haven't ventured to the pool yet...but
hopefully will before the week is over. Today's biggest success-
finding Bakugons for Davis at the market! We showed him over Skype
today and he was pleased with our purchase.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Crazy who you meet

We traveled half way around the world only to meet a family from my hometown Kings Mountain. The Tony's are here adopting a little girl as well. Another funny things happened as well yesterday while touring I saw a NC State T-shirt so I stopped him to ask him where he was from and he says Maiden NC. I told him I knew a guy from Maiden and before I can get his name out he says "Do you know Heath Kiser?". Heath and I roomed together one summer session at State.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

First Few Days in Guangzhou

It's a neat place! It resembles Florida to me with lush greenery and
lots of palm trees. Guangzhou sure does cater to the Westerners.
They all speak English here, and they even had a Barbie in the room
for Hanna, a blond mommy with an Asian baby. No kidding. It was a
gift from Mattel, who also sponsors a play room downstairs for the
kids. What a great place to go and not have to say, "No Hanna, don't
touch that" and even nicer to chat with other familes from the US. In
fact, we chatted with a couple who used to live in Southern Pines and
the mother worked at a middle school in Sanford- West Lee JHS. I will
send some photos to our friend (not great shots) to post later. We
have a Starbucks! Vince was so excited he bought a shirt. We ate a
restaurant named Lucy's last night made for those of us who want food
that reminds us of home. On Sunday we went to the folk art museum,
and our guide took us to the grocery store. I think he was worried we
didn't stock up on things, but he is used to guiding families with
babies I think. Hanna eats what we eat. We stocked up on some sort
of snack that the best description I can give is the Chinese version
of goldfish- but better. We will be carrying some home. I want to
see if Davis likes them. Tonight's dinner was Subway. I ate the
vegetables on the sub- hope that doesn't cause problems later.
Tomorrow we check the results of her TB test- which is fine as I see
no resemblance of a needle stick. Which is surprising if you saw how
she stuck her. It was mediocre at best. I hope to make it to the
pearl market and toy market this week. Ike, our guide, said he would
take us. I can't land in Raleigh without some Bakugons for Davis.

New Picture Update 8/1

New pictures,

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