Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kiddies get Haircuts

It's has been haircuts across the board (Vince and I included) with Nick and Lauren's wedding around the corner.  Davis had his first hair cut at Sports Clips last week, mainly because it was right beside where we had dinner and convenient.  Being a first time client, he got the top of the line cut, it included a cut, wash, hot towel and massage.  His commentary on the massage- "Mommy, that massage felt so good, and it was my favorite part, I am going to let them cut my hair again!"  It was cute watching him during the experience.  He doesn't know we are going to spring for the massage with each haircut.  He might get one more, since we have a 50% off coupon in our citipass coupon book.

He had to get two booster seats to even reach the hair washing sink.  

Hanna's cut was today.  She did well at first (see first photo) but then got more and more busy (see second photo), so Ginger (our hairdresser) was in a sweat by the end.  It's a cute stack to hopefully get the back the same length as the sides so we can start to grow it out.   I want to let her bangs grow out, but she will not keep a bow in her hair so I think it will drive us both crazy!  Maybe later...
The tongue is a trick her big brother taught her- NICE!

I guess she thought Ginger needed some help.  She always is helpful.  If mommy is sweeping, she wants to sweep, if mommy is vacuuming, she gets her toy vacuum out to help.  

PHOTO DISCLAIMER:  The pics from the last two posts are from our point and shoot camera, and not great quality.  I just carry it around to not miss important moments and because its light and small.  I wish my SLR was as small so I could always have it handy and never miss a shot.

Wedding photos will probably be next...I can't believe my baby brother is finally taking the plunge.  I am so proud of him and jealous that he is heading to Dominican Republic for a relaxing vacation.  Ahhhh...those were the days.  Cabo seems so long ago for us.  Okay, I digress.