Friday, November 12, 2010

Let the busy life begin!

Davis started soccer last week.  He had a blast.  He goes every Saturday morning in Morrisville and scored two goals his first scrimmage.  He was pretty proud of himself and so were we.  More than the goals, I was so proud of how he hustled the whole hour.  He ran hard the entire time and never let up.  He also was tripped during a game and he got right back up grinning.  He has a tendency to blame others for his mistakes and get angry, but he displayed good sportsmanship so that made mommy really proud.  He is growing up way too fast.  Hopefully tomorrow will go just as well.
Look at the boy hustle!

Jango Fett and Little Pumpkin

Yes, I am a little late at posting about Halloween.  I started work last week and have been a little busy, but happy to be back into the swings of things.  Hanna has done great at pre-school.  She pushes me out each morning and runs to see her teacher.  She is a little more clingy in the evenings after we bring her home, but I think that is just being tired and wanting a little more re-assurance that we will always come back to get her.  Davis has been tracked out the past three weeks and was able to spend some alone time with Oma and Pop Pop.  He was thrilled to be the center of attention.  Penguini, his favorite sleep toy was left behind but he was a big boy and didn't melt down at bedtime.  It is on its way via USPS back to Newport Ave.  He grinned ear to ear when I told him Pop Pop had mailed it back to him.

Davis was happy to show Hanna the ropes on how to trick or treat and she thought it was her personal responsibility to take two pieces of candy at each house and hand deliver a piece to her big brother.  Davis tried to tell her he didn't need the help, but she just didn't seem to want to let go of that responsibility.  Hanna is learning more and more English every day.  It's an amazing process to witness.
Not digging the hat, it didn't stay on long to say the least.

Hanna and her Pop Pop.  He sure is something special to her.

I was fortunate to be able to go on a field trip with Davis while I was off of work, since volunteering isn't really an option when you work full time.  They of course (like the other hundred classes that were there the same day) went to Hillridge Farms.  I think it really made his day that I was able to go with him.  It was special for us to hang out.

The only shot of us together, better than nothing.  We had fun on the hayride- it was taking us to the picnic tables to have our lunch.  I hadn't packed a school lunch in forever.  It was fun!

He had to find just the right pumpkin.  He almost missed his chance he was taking too long to decide.  He is such a cool kid- I love him to pieces.