Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Funny Pics with Silly Glasses

Family Time with Uncle Anthony, Aunt Ella & Cousin Micah

If Davis didn't have to go to school, this would be the perfect visit.  He LOVES his cousin Micah and now they both get to leave Hanna out!  It brings back memories of me and my cousin Jason pushing Nick (my brother) aside.  But no worries, before everyone feels sorry for Hanna, she doesn't have a clue!  When they run from her, she thinks its a game chasing them and laughing the entire way.  I told you she was tough!  Ella is the best photographer I know, and we went to capture some shots today of Hanna at the WRAL azalea garden.  We were able to get a few before a fight for the colorful umbrella ensued between her and Micah.  If you need a good photographer, she is amazing and reasonably priced.   I'll send you her info if you want it- she specializes in kids- outdoors, not in a studio.  Sample photos are below.

Anthony and Ella plan to leave on Thursday and far too soon according to Davis.  He was worried about Thursday coming on Tuesday.  I think he would be fine if Micah moved in.

We have our first follow up visit with the social worker on Friday.  I expect it to go smoothly...more reports for China.