Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cherub Choir AND Children's Choir

This year has been one of adjustments for the parents, not the kids.  We have really settled into having a busy life with kids activities and homework!  I'm not complaining, but I will tell you that it takes a few weeks to get your groove.  I have learned a few things recently.  I know the last minute we can leave work before being late, whether we should eat dinner before or after an activity, whether we should do baths in the morning or evening etc.  Each week our efficiency is improving.  With that said, the one day we don't have to worry about all those things are Sunday evenings at 5pm.  It's that time the kids go to choir practice.  A Sunday practice is how I justify breaking my rule of letting the kids be involved in more than one activity each, at a time.  This is Davis' second year in the children's choir, and Hanna's first year in the Cherub choir.  They both did great and I am super proud of them!  Here are a few shots of them during their performance.  You can probably tell Hanna was a sponge to all the attention I was throwing her way from the front pew.