Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hanna was released this morning at 7:30 AM

She is now at home resting, doing well, and back to normal self.  Amazing little girl!

Waiting for Hospital Release

Hanna slept well through the night. She did not like being woke up for the medicine dosing but for that matter none of us did.  However all is well and we are waiting to see Dr Gage to be relased shortly.

Monday, April 25, 2011

8PM at UNC CH Childrens Hospital

Hanna is settling in for the night. She hasn’t had much of an appetite but has really loved the chocolate ice cream. She is resting with only noticeable discomfort from the IV connection. She is not to keen on having this crazy contraption plugged into her arm. Mom and Dad are doing fine as well with a little exhaustion starting to creep in.

Today we had visits from Oma, Pop Pop, Big Brother Davis, Aunt Ann, Nick and Lauren. Davis was able to join in on the ice cream fun and Uncle Nick and Aunt Lauren surprised Hanna with some balloons. A special thanks also to Ann for bringing a stuffed kitty to ease the pain.

We are very blessed to have everyone’s well wishes and prayers. Thank you all.

Ice cream makes for a good recovery

Hanna's surgery went extremely well.  Dr Gage was pleased with the outcome and finished thirty minutes sooner than expected. During recovery she was a little sluggish but ice cream eased the pain.