Sunday, December 26, 2010

Foosball & Drums...Santa must be trying to drive us crazy!

I am dreaming of a white Christmas...

The kids had a blast playing in the six inches of snow we received overnight.  It was a beautiful sight looking out our windows first thing this morning.  Good thing they both received rain boots for Christmas.  How convenient!  Davis had a full fledge snow skiing outfit I purchased in Beijing when I visited for work in March of this year.  I had no idea if he would use it.  I suppose I was secretly hoping for snow.  Interesting to note,  is that it snowed in Beijing during that visit.  My colleague and I toured the forbidden city in the snow.  It was our tour guides first time visiting the forbidden city in snow.

On an unrelated but exciting note, if you have a few minutes, check out our friends blog. The Kennedys are currently in China finalizing the adoption of their adorable son Aiden.  They are the first link on our blog (peanut and pop tart).  Mike is quite a writer.  He certainly has a fall back career.

Blessings are all around us today and everyday.   Hope you had a wonderful holiday surrounded by loved ones and we wish you a happy and prosperous New Year.

Just a few shots of Forbidden City- March 2010.
Arrived just as the snow started to fall.