Friday, January 28, 2011

Family Fun Night- Bowling

It was a spur of the moment decision after dinner to go and do something fun.  Vince recommended bowling and it was lots of fun.  Hanna liked giving everyone high fives after each bowl.  Davis was his typical competitive self, evaluating all of his shots after he took them and asking to bowl for me so he could try again.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Results from Hanna's Hearing Test

Today we had an appointment with Capitol ENT to test Hanna's hearing since one of the tests preformed at UNC came back indicating some form of hearing loss in her right ear.  They performed a similar test and it showed similar results.  They did a separate test that showed her inner ear was responding to the echos normally, thus no hearing loss in either ear!  Both the audiologist and ENT said they had no concerns at this point and will notify UNC of their findings.  We were thrilled to hear the good news and we have a plan to test yearly just to keep a check on things since family history is not available.

Davis lost another tooth!

Davis lost a second tooth this past Saturday.  He was brave and let Vince pull it out (although it was literally hanging on by skin only).  His permanent tooth was already coming in.  I have some cute photos that I will post once I get the photos off our camera.  He also had his first practice with the children's choir on Sunday.  He enjoys the new music and we practiced his favorite song on the way home.  I just love to hear him sing!  He gets into it and I can't help but sit upfront and grin with pride.