Saturday, October 9, 2010

Autumn is in the air...and that means pumpkins, mums, state fair, beautiful colors and coats!

I can hardly wait for October each year so I can head up to the attic and get my fall decorating items out.  I enjoy it almost as much as Christmas.  Friday afternoon after Vince got off work, we headed to a pumpkin patch close to the house to make this year's selections.  It's tough getting shots of busy kids, and Davis is at the age where he poses, which don't make the best photos in my opinion.  I prefer the quick grins.  They took their jobs very seriously, and had fun selecting pumpkins for our front porch.  After we were home, we added our tattoos to them and only need some mums to complete the look although I am finding it hard to find healthy looking mums this year.

Smelling the Roses with Hanna

Okay, so we weren't literally smelling roses, but we were enjoying each other's company immensely and the wonderful weather.  We played outside in the backyard on the playset for a solid hour or more.  She was just enjoying my attention, encouragement and laughter and I was giving thanks for all the smiles and the looks that said, "this is really fun".  It's moments like this that warm your soul.  Here are some photos of my sweet girl at play.

Monday, October 4, 2010

IG is 40!

Vince and I had our first night out without the kids, since bringing Hanna home, this past weekend.  Our good friend Ian turned 40 and we celebrated with him. It was a great party.  What better reason is there to ask Oma and Pop Pop to watch the kiddos while we have a little adult fun?  The soiree was catered by 42nd Street Oyster Bar, the NCSU mascot, Mr Wolf , joined us and there were poker and blackjack tables to gamble the night away.  Vince was taking lots of notes and throwing plenty of hints my way.  Happy Birthday IG- here is to another 40 more!

Nick & Lauren are Married!

They finally did it, and I am sure Lauren is glad all the planning is over.  The wedding was a beautiful event and my children managed not to trip the bride down the aisle.  Davis felt that it was an extreme honor and took his responsibility as a ring bearer very seriously (minus a small melt down over an itchy tux 20 minutes before show time).  Hanna was just happy to be in the crowd.  They both were adorable, if I may say so myself.  I'm not convinced she new what was going on, but did well considering and only called out for Pop Pop twice during the ceremony.  She rotated between Vince and my mom in the pew mostly and didn't miss the opportunity to stop by to grin at me.  The reception is where we all finally able to relax.  I have to say though, Davis was the life of the party.  He danced the entire time- I'm not exaggerating.  He was trying to rush the mother/groom and father/bride dance to get on the dance floor.  He spent most of the night with mutual friends of ours daughter, Savannah.  She danced the entire night as well.  Hanna was on and off the dance floor between bites of food and cake.  Savannah and Davis (who also share the exact same birthday) get along really well, so well in fact, many people wondered if a future romance was budding.  The photo attached is from a camera phone, so not the best quality, but you can see he is enjoying himself!  The photo below if of the three of them from a dinner at our house earlier in September.  The great news is that Savannah will be welcoming a new baby brother from China in January.  Maybe sooner!!